Faculty Senate Meeting Tuesday, January 27, 2015

3 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Library Lower Level classroom


  1. Agenda and minutes approval
  2. Chair’s Report
  3. President’s Report
  4. Old Business
    • Policy Comment
      1. Learning Management Systems
      2. Fees and Charges
  5. Committees
    • Faculty Councils: status, updates
      1. FCAA
      2. Finance and Administration
      3. Institutional Advancement
      4. Student Affairs
      5. Technology
    • Subcommittees: time frames, charges
      1. Bylaws and Constitution (report due in Feb)
      2. Shared Governance/Academic Freedom
      3. Communications
      4. Diversity (needs charge)
      5. Enrollment and Retention
      6. Instructor Voice (needs charge)
  6. Dean appointment vs. search discussion with Provost
  7. Announcements
  8. Adjourn
  9. Because of time constraints on Tuesday’s meeting, and the number of items on the agenda, we are attaching the minutes and two documents which — if you are able to read them in advance — will expedite the meeting in favor of a more thorough discussion.  They are also shared with you in the Faculty Senate Folder under Meeting Materials Folder 1/27/15.

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Faculty Senate Meeting Tuesday, January 13, 2015


1)  Minutes approval (to be distributed)

2)  Chair’s report

3)  President’s report

4)  Old business

UCC Bylaws (attached)

Open Access Policy

5)  Subcommittee Reports and Charges

6) New Business

Faculty Council system scheduling problems:

As the membership changes year-to-year, the chair often rotates off. Therefore no one knows who should call the meetings, and the councils sometimes don’t meet at all as a result. One solution would be for the corresponding VP to call the first meeting (as s/he is consistent); however, these are faculty councils, so it seems faculty members should have this responsibility.

7) Announcements

8) Adjourn

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Letter to the faculty from the chair of the Faculty Senate

Dear Faculty –
I am taking this opportunity at the very end of the semester to update you on the work of the Faculty Senate.  In Fall term the Senate met seven times and established working committees which will be bringing proposals to the full Senate during Spring.  It also made recommendations to the President and Provost on important hiring issues, recommended changes to two new policies (Removal of Department Chairs, and Use of Technology) made a small change to bylaws, and considered issues relating to Open Access to research, course scheduling, enrollment, and retention.For those who are not aware of the role of the Faculty Senate in shared governance it is, potentially, a body by which faculty opinions, perspectives and ideas can help to set the University agenda and influence decisions made at all levels.  In the attached organizational chart I have tried to model the structure laid out in the Faculty Constitution.  You’ll see that the Senate is intended to be the coordinating body for many formal activities, the fair voice of the faculty and, positioned at the level of Vice Presidents it has the ear of the President who is also a non-voting ex-offico member.This structure will only work as intended if Senators are able to represent you accurately.  Meetings are open to the public, second and fourth Tuesdays of every month 3-4:30 (or so) in the basement conference room of the Library.  Feel free to attend, and we also encourage all faculty members, including Instructors, to contact their Senator with any issue they feel is important enough to bring before the Senate.    Regardless of your position, you will find yourself in the constituency of at least several Senators.  They are elected from each college and resource area, at large, and one each appointed by the Faculty Councils.  We now have a full Senate except, unfortunately, for the Instructor position in each college.FACULTY SENATE MEMBER CONSTITUENCY

Russell Benjamin Sara Albiadi Rachel Adeodu Susie Bossenga
Lidia Filus Essam Elshafie Mark Melton Lisa Wallis
Jeanine Ntihirageza Emmanuel Nyadroh Phyllis LeDosquet
Instructor (unfilled) Instructor (unfilled) Instructor (unfilled)
April Nauman John Casey Institutional Advanc. Sandra Williams
Tim Barnett Kristen Over Technology Henry Owen
Erick Howenstine Shannon Saszik Student Affairs Maria De La Torre
Lisa Hollis-Sawyer Academic Affairs Olivia Perlow
Finance & Admin Tim Scherman
Non-voting member
President Hahs

Working Subcommittees of the Faculty Senate in 2014-15.  These are charged by the Senate to bring forward salient issues and proposals for discussion and action.

Policy Proposal Review E. Howenstine
K. Over
J. Casey
Review proposed policies early in the comment period, compare them to original documents, and bring forward any concerns or issues to the Senate.
Bylaws and Constitution O. Perlow
R. Benjamin
E. Elshafie
S. Saszik
E. Howenstine
L. Wallis
Coordinate, clarify, and streamline both documents and perhaps establish Standing Rules.
Shared Governance and Academic Freedon M. Melton
O. Perlow
R. Benjamin
L. Hollis-Sawyer
P. LeDosquet
E. Elshafie
Bring forward issues in which faculty academic freedom has been challenged, and to find ways to elevate the voice of faculty and promote their interests, in decision making.
Communication R. Adeodu
L. Hollis-Sawyer
T. Barnett
S. Albiadi
L. Wallis
Work toward improving productive communication with constituents, with councils and committees, with the President, and with the wider community.
Diversity J. Ntihirageza
P. Le Dosquet
K. Over
M. De La Torres
S. Aliabadi
Study issues relating to diversity of faculty at NEIU, and and seek to establish a balance in terms of race, gender and other characteristics.
Enrollment and Retention E. Nyadroh
A. Nauman
S. Albiadi
Monitor efforts toward increasing enrollment and retention, determine ways in which faculty might contribute toward reaching that goal.
Instructor Voice J. Ntihirageza
M. Melton
T. Barnett
Several Instructors will be invited.
Examine issues facing Instructors and bring them forward to the Senate for consideration.


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Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda December 9, 2014

  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes Nov 25- Dec 2
  • Chair’s Report
  • President’s Report
  • Old Business

Policy on Technology Use

CBM appointment

Subcommittee Membership

Subcommittee Charge

  • New Business

Appointment of a member from the Senate on Scheduling Task Force


Faculty Senate Meeting Agenda, Nov 25, 2014 

1) Approval of Agenda
2) Approval of Minutes
3) Chair Report
4) President’s Report
5) Old business

  • Vote on Bylaws change
  • Policy on Removal of Department Chairs
  • Committee membership
  • UCC bylaws

6) New Business

  • Initial Charge of Committees
  • Need 2+ Senators to read policies
  • CBM Deanship
  • Janice H-H and Barbara S presentation/QA on Enrollment/Retention
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Faculty Senate Agenda, 11/11

November 11, 2014
Lower Level Library classroom

  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Approval of minutes
  3. Chair’s report
  4. President’s report
  5. Old business
    1. Policy library (available in Neiuport), comment period ends 11/24:
      Removal of the Departmental Chair
      Acceptable Use of information Technology
    2. subcommittees, members and charges
    3. Open Access taskforce charge
    4. Classroom scheduling for Mon-Wed only and Fri only classes
  6. New business
    1. Enrollment and retention consultation: question to invite Janice Herring-Hendon and Barbara Sherry
    2. Minutes, form
    3. Bylaws revision
  7. Adjourn
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Faculty Senate Agenda, 10/28

Tuesday Oct 28th
Library Lower Level Classroom

  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Approval of the Minutes 10/14/2014
  3. Chair’s Report
  4. President’s Report
  5. Old Business
    1. Ranking of Senate Subcommittees
  6. New Business
    1. Course Time Schedule
    2. Open Access to Research
  7. Adjourn
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Faculty Senate Agenda, 10/14

Tuesday Oct 14th
Library lower level classroom
3:05-5:05 PM

  1. Approval of the agenda
  2. Approval of the minutes 9/9/14
  3. Chair’s report
  4. President’s report
  5. New business
    1. Frequency of meetings
    2. Membership of the senate
  6. Committees
    1. The five faculty councils
  7. Our subcommittees
    1. Sign up for a subcommittee(s)
    2. Charge the subcommittee
    3. Possibilities
      • Bylaws and Constitution
      • Enrollment and Retention
      • Morale- survey tool, regular administration, tools
      • Budget
      • Instructors
      • Academic Freedom and Shared Governance
      • Communication
  8. Determine who to invite for the next meeting
    • Blase Masini- about morale/surveys
    • Janice Harring-Hendon- about enrollment
    • Barbara Sherry- about retention
    • Michael Pierick- Technology or Finance and Administration
    • Frank Ross- Student Affairs
    • Melba Rodriguez- Institutional Advancement
    • Olivia Perlow- Faculty Council on Academic Affairs
  9. Adjourn
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Faculty Governance Elections Winners

Council and Committee Members 2014-2015

At Large Seat Winners

Tim Barnett, Faculty Senate

John Casey, Faculty Senate

Kristen Over, Faculty Senate

Shannon Saszik, Faculty Senate

Nate Mathews, Faculty Council on Finance and Administration

Sophia Mihic, Committee for General Education

Elisabet Head, Advisory Committee for the Library

Kristin Hunt, Academic Programs Elimination Committee

Constituency Seat Winners

Constituency Winners and Constituency seats for two year terms, starting Fall 2014:


Lidia Filus, Faculty Senate

Nate Mathews, Faculty Council on Institutional Advancement (AKA Marketing and Communications)

Cindy Voisine, Advisory Committee on Faculty Awards

Jennifer Slate, Advisory Committee for the Library

Angela Sweigart-Gallagher, Academic Program Elimination Review Committee


Lorie Annarella, Advisory Committee for the Library

Hyewon (Hanna) Kim Advisory Committee to the Center for Teaching and Learning

Moira Stuart, University Planning and Budget Council and University Personnel Committee

Jolanta Jonak, Academic Program Elimination Review Committee


Deepa Pillai, Faculty Council for Academic Affairs

Hong (Andy) Chen, Faculty Council on Student Affairs

Hong (Andy) Chen, University Planning and Budget Council

Essam Elshafie, University Personnel Committee


Michael Weinberg, Academic Programs Elimination Review Committee

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Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes 2013-2014

Minutes 2013-2014

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Faculty Senate Officers Elected at First Meeting on Sept 9th

Erick Howenstine, chair

Mark Melton, vice chair

Lisa Wallis, secretary

Jeanine Ntihirageza, steering committee

Olivia Perlow, steering committee

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