Constituency and At Large Seat Winners Spring 2014

Faculty Senate:

R. Benjamin, CAS

Sara Aliabadi, CBM

Susie Bossenga, RP

April Nauman, At Large


Faculty Council on Academic Affairs:

Lesa Davis, CAS

Mary Kimble, CAS

Rasoul Rezvanian, CBM

Steven Wolk, COE

Joan Schuitema, RP

James Rosenzweig, RP

Judy Kaplan-Weinger

Joanne Vazzano, At Large


Faculty Council on Finance and Administration:

Anastasia Brelias, COE

Charles Funk, At Large


Faculty Council on Institutional Advancement AKA Marketing and Communication:

Shabnam Zanjani, CBM

Mary Thill, RP

Rene Luis Alvarez, At Large


Faculty Council on Student Affairs:

Jing Su, CAS

Rene Luis Alvarez, COE

Lisa Wallis, RP

Vida Sacic, At Large


Faculty Council on Technology:  Henry Owen III, RP


Graduate College Advisory Committee:

Judith Kaplan Weinger, CAS

Jian Li, CBM

Maria Teresa Garreton, COE

Michelle Guittar, RP

Jeanine Ntihirageza, At Large


Committee on General Education:

Dan Milsky, CAS

Alireza Dorestani, CBM

Tim Duggan, COE


Advisory Committee on Faculty Awards:

Charles Funk CBM

Angela Sweigart-Gallagher, At Large


Advisory Committee to the Library:

Amina Chaudhri COE

Jennifer Slate, At Large


Committee to the Center on Teaching and Learning:

Nanette Potee, CAS

Kelly Grossman, RP

Brooke Johnson, At Large


University Planning and Budget Committee:

John Kasmer, CAS (3 year term)


University Personnel Committee (tenured only and no chairs):

T.Y.Okosun, CAS

Alireza Dorestani

Qiumei (Jane) Xu, CBM

Dario Villa, At Large

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