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GCAC Posted Proposals

November 8th, 2013

SPED MA Gifted Mod 20131108 MA Gifted Ed modification, electives, credit hours, required courses
EICS EDFN 420 official 20131108   Seminar in Development and Learning: Contemporary Issues in Middle Level Education

October 31, 2013 (approved by CAS AAC 10/23/13)                                          

ENGL 495 Re-Thinking Race & Gender, 3 cr hr summer intensive course (ENGL 376=495=PHIL 370 Memos Of Understanding) 

October 28, 2013: approved by CAS AAC 10/23/13

SWK 400 Overview of the Social Work Profession, new
SWK 401 Cultural Competence in Social Work, new
SWK 402 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I, new
SWK 403 Generalist Practice I, new
SWK 404 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II, new
SWK 405 Generalist Practice II, new
SWK 406 Social Welfare Policy, new
SWK 407 Social Work Research, new
SWK 415 Foundation Field Practicum I, new
SWK 416 Foundation Field Practicum II, new
SWK 430 Transition to the Advanced Curriculum, new
SWK 431 Social Work Practice with Families, new
SWK 432 Family-centered Policy, new
SWK 433 Social Work Practice with Children, new
SWK 434 Child Welfare Policy and Legislation, new
SWK 441 Empowerment and Change, new
SWK 442 Political Advocacy, new
SWK 443 Social Justice and Social Change, new
SWK 444 Community Advocacy, new
SWK 470 Immigration Practices, new
SWK 471 Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender Issues, new
SWK 472 Trauma Treatment with Children and Families, new
SWK 473 Topics in Advocacy, new
SWK 474 Social Work and the Law, new
SWK 491 Advanced Research I, new
SWK 492 Advanced Research II, new
SWK 495 Advanced Field Practicum I, new
SWK 496 Advanced Field Practicum II, new
ENGL 420 Teaching Shakespeare, official

July 2, 2013

CHEM MS modification

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