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Instructors’ Voice Center

The Faculty Senate has established this webpage to facilitate discussion on the topic of the role of instructors at NEIU. Please share your thoughts on this matter through the comments section. Comments may be submitted without identifying information. To do so, simply leave the name and email fields of the form blank.

For a history of recent actions around the topic of instructors at NEIU, please read the February 8, 2013 memo from Senate Chair Mark McKernin.

To view both the 2013 petition to amend the Faculty Constitution and the report from the Senate-appointed Instructors’ Voice Task Force, please visit the publications page of this website.


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  1. Dan Wirth permalink

    I have been a full-time instructor for over 15 years. There is one tenured person in my department who has been here longer than I have. How ironic that when he retires, I will have more tenure than anyone in the department — without having tenure. It would be nice to have more of a voice.

  2. Audrey Natcone permalink

    Many instructors have long relationships with NEIU. I, for example, am an alum, and while in grad school co-taught courses in what was then the Criminal Justice program. I continued to teach periodically while working as an attorney, and upon leaving my job as a criminal defense attorney, became a full-time instructor in 2001. I have a longer connection to NEIU than anyone currently in my department.

  3. Stevan Ranney permalink

    Being full-timers, we have a stake in the university. This is more analogous to a homeowner relationship than a renter relationship. We are not going to dirty the place up, then leave – we are here for the long haul. Because of this, we need to have a voice at NEIU.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Concerning the upcoming vote on the amendment, has the senate been given an opportunity to develop a plan that would better define instructors roles?

    • Mark McKernin permalink

      There is a senate sub-committee doing just that.

  5. Tim Scherman permalink

    First, I think it’s sad that some folks feel as though they need to hide their names, or that the Senate has to anticipate reprisals, etc. Long way to go.

    It is not just that the hiring process for Instructors is different from that governing the hiring of TT faculty, or that given their credentials and expertise, not all Instructors can teach courses that TT faculty teach, though pre 1993, TT taught nearly all courses. What strikes me as odd in the attempt to give Instructors the same voting rights as TT faculty is the fact that the two categories of personnel are treated so distinctly even in our contract. This is not to mention the different roles Instructors play from department to department. To vote “all or nothing” here seems more likely to doom the measure. I don’t know why folks weren’t willing to try to formulate a more precise motion that takes into account the real differences outlined above.

  6. Laura Sanders permalink

    Tim, can you be more specific about the ways that TT and Instructors are different, explaining what makes it in your view a bad idea to allow Instructors to vote in their department?

    Also, with regard to the idea that not all Instructors can teach what TT faculty teach, the opposite may be true as well. (I certainly am not qualified to teach some courses that some Instructors in my department teach.)


  7. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks so much for holding these meetings. It is good to hear all opinions and such. As an Instructor, I am often afraid to share my thoughts. Thanks to all of you for taking a stand and sharing.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Please remember how much us lowly Instructors contribute to the University. Often with no compensation, recognition, and not even so much as a “thank you”. Instructors do get bullied around. I have plenty of examples.

  9. Mark McKernin permalink

    Here are some numbers shared at the open forums.

    FT/TT faculty 286

    FT Instr 147
    w terminal degree 54 (37%)
    w/out term degree 93 (63%)

    CAS 119
    COE 24
    Library 3
    COBM 1

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